Mental District

There’s a district in my mind

The mental “bad side of town”

Where I don’t willingly visit.

Faces, voices are cruel hypocrisy

Mask unpredictable violence…

No gates needed, for they’re as dogs

Baring serrated-blade teeth, snarling.

Now and then I inadvertently

Take a wrong turn…(seemingly

Innocuous triggers)…soon I’m

Besieged by raised eyebrows

Verbal fists, mocking smirks

Loud cursing stones hurled

Which send me running for my

Life and sanity, hard and fast

To some safer, albeit temporary

Place of respite.

Unfortunately, as seasons pass

More of “them” are moving into

The District…broadening property

Limits…encroaching on my

Gardens, fountains, my peace

Well-being, self-esteem. 

Dread, frightened thoughts scatter

Like a bag of lentils spilled.

Heart is leaden, not light and open.

Breaths stuttering, I fear I’ll find

No asylum, sanctuary of poetic

Words, psalms…no angel guardians.

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


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