The Arts Fair Date

Today’s prompt: velvet, cloud, hippie

Finally got the husband out to an arts fair.

I was hankering for some pottery to go with

The new decor theme I’d settled on…

Maybe some pretty, functional woven

Baskets, too…if they were affordable.

Husband paints, so I’d appealed to his ego

Saying his canvases are surely superior

To what he’d see on display.

We barely had time to stop at the

Lemonade booth before he was frowning.

“What’s wrong?”  I asked.

He growled, “hippies, everywhere”.

Good grief, the conservative old man.

I pushed him onward…and soon

Spied two perfect vases I adored.

The baskets were just okay, pricey

So I wandered over to the framed art

Searching for the artist of my heart.

“See anything good?” I asked him.

He harrumphed, said smugly: “You

Were right,” and pointed… “look at

That crap…‘Velvet Clouds’…I’d be

Embarrassed to sign my name to it.”

He didn’t even ask what I paid for the vases 🙂

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


1 thought on “The Arts Fair Date

  1. V erily I say to you
    E very house should possess some
    L eather winkle pickers
    V elvet suit and accessories
    E ven I still have a suit hanging in the wardrobe
    T empting at times to wear

    C olour, yes it’s dark blue
    L ooked the part back then
    O versized lapels
    U nderscored by grey cloud coloured lining
    D oubt it will ever again see the light of day

    H ave to admit though
    I am at times tempted
    P erhaps someday when the waist band reduces
    P ut together with the flower embellished hippie shirt
    I ndeed the perfect combination
    E ach to their own, velvet underground clouded over with pipes of peace hippie heaven.


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