Mermaids and More

two worlds

Kat offers us another creative form to try in “found poetry” (aka “black out” poems).  Click the link above for more information on Kat’s post.  I’ve chosen the poem, “If You Have Seen”, by Thomas Moore…and have taken the words in BOLD to form a new poem.

If You Have Seen, by Thomas Moore

Good reader! if you e’er have seen,
When Phoebus hastens to his pillow
The mermaids, with their tresses green,
Dancing upon the western billow:
If you have seen, at twilight dim,
When the lone spirit’s vesper hymn
Floats wild along the winding shore:
If you have seen, through mist of eve,
The fairy train their ringlets weave,
Glancing along the spangled green;–
If you have seen all this and more,
God bless me! what a deal you’ve seen!


If you have seen mermaids…

Dancing at twilight dim

When lone spirit’s vesper hymn

Floats along winding shore

Through mist of eve…

You have seen this and MORE!

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

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