Stardust to Stardust

First, mere dust, Adam

Then God nudged Abraham

To look up at the stars and count

His progeny of promise, many.

Generations passed… a girl child

Was born one September, made

From stardust and earthen ash

Which shimmered prismatic in

Crescent moon’s light… She was

Sapphire-eyed, heart weighted with

Words which raged and tumbled

Pouring out to fill fountains and wishing

Wells… Poetry springing, moving like 

Singing stream for decades.

Then day arrived that, pewter-haired

And vision dimmed—no looking back

Heaven’s forward—with whispered

Breath she spun slowly ’round, no

Disorientation, and fell into benign

Death’s arms… Vast sky was awed

As stardust rose in fine shower

Glittering miles of indigo…

Host of angels welcomed her Home.

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


14 thoughts on “Stardust to Stardust

  1. I saw this poem this morning, prior to coffee and wanted to come back and comment. Your beautiful poem inspired me to start my day with this song:

    “We are stardust, we are golden
    We are billion year old carbon
    And we got to get ourselves back to the garden”


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