Brunch With the Oracle

Today’s prompt: oracle, brunch, volume

Brunch with ‘the oracle‘ was always good

Entertainment, an escape from ennui…

Cort was sort of George-Hamilton-ish

Dressed impeccably, expensively, his

Style matching his personality…

Volume forever cranked up High.

He knew everybody who was anybody

So that made me “Somebody”…

And I’d been intrigued by his claim

To be a psychic-whatever, though

It kinda gave me heebie-jeebies.

I wondered if his visions were

Proportionate to alcohol intake…

The volume he consumed during

Our leisurely brunches would

Have laid me out permanently.

Chatting affably and drinking

Champagne, he suddenly stopped

Mid-sentence, peered at me intently.

Before I could ask, “what??”, he said

“A cloud moved across your face, of

An interesting hue, aubergine

Does that mean something to you?”

I sat up straighter, pondering…

“It was part of a poem,” I whispered.

“Yes! You are writing?”

I shrugged, “just the blog”.

“How does the color make you feel?”


“But you say it as a question…

Tell me what you feel.”

“I like it…it stirs my marrow”.

He rested chin on hand…“hmm, I see”.

What do you see?”  I asked impatiently.

“When the marrow is stirred, you will

Either fall in love soon…or you’ll discover

Success you didn’t realize you aspired to.”

We left the restaurant, calling to each

Other, “until next time!”

What if ‘the oracle’s’ words weren’t

Mere champagne buzz…?

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Brunch With the Oracle

  1. Cheers to success and love! Why not both? I loved this line ‘I wondered if his visions were
    Proportionate to alcohol intake…’ that made me smile! You have such a way with words.


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