Guacamole Rose

Today’s prompt: charisma, guacamole, rose

Guacamole Rose had charisma, ask anyone…

She could roll her hips as fine as tortillas

Her black hair was waterfall at midnight

Full lips, painted kissable hue, beamed

Smiles for all who came through door

Hungering for plate of enchiladas…

“More chips?  I’ll bring you, pronto!”

Construction workers were daily

Customers, best tippers by far, and

Smitten, young or old…she was fantasy.

The boss kept count: two or three

Marriage proposals each week.

But Rose held heart open for one

True love only… by day she

Might flirt innocently, but each

Night she prayed the rosary…for

Fiancé…they were pledged to marry

And he’d be back one day.

Nothing but war, death would deter him…

That’s what he’d promised and she believed.

His letters had slowed, then stopped recently

…Surely he’d return someday…

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


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