Mr A’s Geography

Today’s genre: School Story (info on genre here)

Today’s photo:

Other than English class

I was a doomed student…

Too much stress at home

Lacked focus, concentration

Brain, a sieve, leaked teachers’

Words while hormone-fueled

Fantasies flew wild.

Junior High, insane bane of

Educational existence…but

8th-grade geography had its star.

Not that I retained anything of

Lessons…couldn’t label a map

Correctly to save pitiful young soul.

I sat, attentive, for single reason…

Only to gaze most adoringly at

‘Forever’ heartthrob, Mr A.

(Inked initials all over notebook.)

He was movie-idol handsome

Coal black hair, blue ice eyes

Perfect planes of masculine face

Physique to model classic suit.

Harsh, typically irritated, he liked

To bang yardstick on front row’s

Desks…teaching, probably not

His first-choice profession.

I can’t recall my final grade, made

Shameful showing, I suppose:

Crowded Europe into space

Of England…sighed, as I admired

Mr A’s straight nose.

Wherever you are, Mr A, you still hold place in my heart♥

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Mr A’s Geography

    • Oh MY, how cool is that! 🙂 I remember that one of my high school history teachers wrote in my yearbook: “It was nice having a cover girl in class”…now here’s the funny part: I was clueless as to what he meant…decades later it finally sunk in, duh!! 🙂

      On the subject of Physics teachers–I have a fond and most grateful memory of my college Physics prof. He was a good teacher, kept me interested…but as usual, I just couldn’t retain material. So the day of the Final Exam, he handed out a one page test with maybe 8 questions. I always sat in the front row…and there I was in my usual seat, staring blankly at the paper as the class period ticked on and on. He noticed of course, and came over to me…asked me to bring my paper and come with him. He escorted me down the hall to his office; asked what my major was (English), and said he thought as much–as his daughter was also, and she couldn’t get Physics. He said I’d had perfect attendance–and asked if I’d studied for the exam. I said “yes”…then he asked if I knew the answer to ANY of the questions. “No”. I was in tears, and he was passing me tissues…and then he proceeded to lead me through every question, and its answer–in order to give me a C so I could pass. I’ll never forget him.

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