10 Long Years, Not Enough


Prompt: “Ten long years.”

My neighbor moved away, after

Living Ten Long Years in Apt 8…

Except, as he was packing and I

Was wiping away shocked tears, it

Didn’t seem like a long time at all.

We had an on-and-off relationship

Better than most friends, neighbors.

I disagreed with his politics, spiritual

Beliefs, and what seemed to me his

Contradictory principles.  And his

Arrogant, egocentric, self-aggrandizing

“All about him” focus drove me nuts

Most days…but we had a similar sense

Of humor and level of intelligence, with

Ability to communicate fairly well. 

A lot of the same things bugged the

Heck out of both of us—there were

Plenty external issues to trigger rants.

Sometimes he was a real butt-head…

Others, he could be generous, helpful

And he was a good listener when he

Wasn’t talking about himself.

I’m no saint…he said I could be a “handful”.

There was no “attraction” to each

Other, the kind that can mess up

A friendship…and he’d eat literally

Anything I cooked, a boon to this

Compulsive cook.

I assumed he’d live here forever…

That we’d grow old together, me

Upstairs…him, in the apartment below.

Our favorite saying was that something/

Someone was taking, or had taken

“Forever and a day”…to which the

Respondent would add, “it’s that

Day following that does you in”.

Ten years, learning to know and

Tolerate each other…of respect…

Cold silences…comfortable

Familiarity, like old shoes.  Ten years

Wasn’t long…not long enough.

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

Image: Pixabay.com

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