Do They Have a Phone?

Prompt sentence: “Do they have a phone?”

Scene:  husband and I getting

Reacquainted after nephew…like

A son…(“Junior”) finally found his

Feet, left our comfy domicile (free).

Neither of us speak about him, dare

Not admit we miss his company.

While I’m happy for less laundry

Husband is listening to quieter

Music of his contemporaries.

We sit down to dinner, just us…

Our conversation suffers loss

Which never was the case before…

We’re in our own thoughts.

Husband compliments the meal

I sigh half-heartedly.

He asks again where Junior’s

Place is… ‘near university?’

I nod, note roommates…three…

Wonder if any is adept, culinarily.

Husband: ‘pizza delivery…and

Hitting the books; he’d better be’.

‘He’ll be fine,’ I say assuredly.

Husband puts down his fork

Looks at me directly…

Asks, “Do they have a phone?”

I can’t help laughing, he’s stuck

In dark ages, very old-school.

“Hon, they all have their own…

Don’t worry, he promised to call me.”

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Do They Have a Phone?

      • Lots of things I don’t do either. Times change and I keep up with whatever to still function and leave the rest. We don’t need every gadget that’s out there. I have a land line. It works for me. Since I live alone now and in case of emergecy I do carry a cell phone when I go out.


        • I have my land line–and a government “free” cell phone for emergencies. I should carry it when I go out…but usually forget. It’s slower than molasses, so I’m not sure how good it would be in an emergency on the street…but I appreciate the government’s willingness to make sure low-income folks are able to reach out and touch somebody 🙂

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