Dream In Flames (NaPoWriMo)

http://www.napowrimo.net/day-two-6/  Please click link for information about the day’s prompt 🙂

What was I thinking…what

Insanity had overtaken mind?

How did I imagine anything

Good could come of lighting

A dream on fire, as if it were

Votive candle’s prayer?

I pushed Reality out a window

Off cliff, over bridge…slammed

Door to Reason, and flew…literally.

The flight seemed magical…how

Would I pay plastic debt I’d

Casually put signature to?

I didn’t care.

Upon landing, the island heat

Sucked the air out of me…Paradise

Seemed oddly intemperate…

Harbinger of lava’d hell?

Nothing was as expected…surreal

Quality of exiting taxi, making my way

To entrance of condo remains today. 

I wore flattering dress (floral print

Blended with surrounding tropical

Blooms), clutched leather briefcase…

Picture of professionalism, yet

Pretty as a model.

There were no locked gates

Security guard simply smiled…why

Didn’t someone, something stop me?

Trip had stamp of approval, yes?

Plush carpeted corridor was

Longest mile I would ever 

Journey, as I passed each door

Pulse banging in ears, legs rubbery.

I’d hungered for this day, pictured it

For 25 years, never believing it waited

In Future.  I rang the bell…

It pealed wealth, reclusive fame.

Would he smile on me with love’s

Eyes…be gracious, grateful for

Unexpected…uninvited visit?

Door remained closed…

How was it possible he could speak

From behind it…pretending he was

Servant who’d deliver message?

Having read my letters, how was

It fathomable he wouldn’t realize

 I’d recognize voice which had kept

My heart alive since childhood…

From world and time afar?

Evening crashed like storm of

Century…why was I surprised to

Be alone in foreign city, abandoned

By make-believe hero?

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

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