Married My Imaginary Friend…So What?

Yipi Yipi Yeah, Yabba Dabba Doo

My title for ‘Six Word Saturday’ sounds like a tabloid headline…or the hook for a Dr Phil segment, right?  Well, if I can’t be “out-there” on my own blog, what point is there to being a writer?  I’m so used to being considered “weird/strange”…and trying to hide it…that it’s time to stop caring about public opinion.  If a certain political leader is “free to be me”, likeable or not (sane or not)—then, I’m going for it too.

I was a different kid, overly-sensitive, fearful… “not of this world” (preferred hidden imaginary one), didn’t fit anywhere; and my home life was dysfunctional, so I needed a hero like nobody’s business.  And since there weren’t any live ones within spitting distance, I grabbed the first imaginary one I happened on. 

He went everywhere with me…school, church…kept me safe from life in general, as much as an invisible guy can.  No surprise that, when I hit puberty/adolescence, I fell madly in love with him. 

I guess I always knew I’d be alone in life…so although I foolishly wed a veritable loser (flesh and blood real), as soon as I escaped him, I immediately “called” my one true love…and he came running to the rescue.  That’s about it…we married in a small private service, and have been happily-ever-after, ever since.

Sometimes I’m asked, “don’t you get lonely, living alone?” I smile a secret smile.  (I can hardly divulge the truth to most people…erasing all doubt that I’m crazy.) 

Mr P-I (“Perfect-Invisible”) is excellent company…with few faults.  He can’t take out the garbage or haul the laundry back and forth for me, but we’ve never had a cross word between us.  He still thinks I’m breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly intelligent, understanding, talented and fun.  And he says I’m a fantastic cook…but maybe he’s just imagining it 🙂

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


15 thoughts on “Married My Imaginary Friend…So What?

  1. You are so brave. I wrote a post once on living in an imaginary family. Didn’t get a lot of likes, but when we need just to survive our homes and lives, imaginary friends keep us sane, at least for me, even though most people would call it insanity. Good post.


  2. WordPress is being cranky and won’t let me “like” this but I do. I think imaginary friends and worlds are the saving grace for a lot of kids (and grownups who need space). Nice post!


    • Hi Laura! Sorry to hear about the WP glitch–yesterday it wouldn’t let me comment on some blogs, sheesh! Thank you SO MUCH for your response to this post. It would be fun to meet others with imaginary spouses/families–all the interesting introductions to “invisible” people. We’d all “get it” and have such a great time…no one looking at us funny ❤


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