Sea of Likes

(Sea of Galilee)

Fearing you may see a Sea of Likes

I languish on stressed midnight shore…

Apologies, for what it’s worth

Of comments there may be a dearth.

You know I’m faithful, generous

I visit, read you everyday…

Am now requesting patience gracious

Laptop/blog issues have had their way…

But soon, I’ve faith, I’ll applaud you more 🙂


True testimony of a Miracle:

Miracles still abound today…I shouldn’t be stunned to report this, but I never feel quite deserving of one.  My laptop was truly driving me mad, not playing well with WP Reader at all…and I’m no tech-whiz, so I couldn’t establish what the salient problem was.  I was quickly unraveling…almost hoping wind would knock the power out so I’d have a legit excuse to abandon April ship.

But I’m not called an “overcomer” for nothing…and isn’t if fitting that my theme for A to Z is “Faith”, because when that’s all you got (no other support resources), you’re pressed to “work it, baby”.

Here’s the back story:  last year when I was having issues with said laptop, I impulsively splurged on a new model.  I was hoping the Windows 10 with larger screen would relieve my increasingly poor vision.  As with most impulse buys, I soon regretted it—because a) there was much to learn…I was used to Windows 7; and b) in my impatient pounding/clicking here and there, I was certain I’d somehow brought on a virus (I’m so powerful)…dead, it seemed.

So I boxed it up, with plans to take it to my professional tech when I had funds…and retrieved the old laptop which, although imperfect, was able to get most jobs done.

Tonight, fully aggravated with it…I prayerfully wondered if “just maybe” the new one had rested up, been “healed”.  It was worth a look-see, before throwing myself off the balcony…or calling my tech for an appointment.

There are no words to express my awe-filled gratitude, as God had faithfully taken care of all things tech, and this old poet.  I turned the newer laptop on…and amazingly, I found my login info amid the haphazard pile of post-it notes, so was able to get “in”.  Next came the “hold your breath” moment—because last time I checked, it wouldn’t move, similar to a virus attack.  A hushed Hallelujah would be appropriate here—no virus.  It warmed up, cooperated with my every click…so I spent some time learning “10”, enough that I could attend to night-owl blogging.

Cynics may write this off as a tech glitch resolved—not me.  I know God’s eye is on the sparrow…and everything which concerns sparrows, including computers.

And the bonus?  I’m so glad I hadn’t already taken the laptop to my tech…I saved the $100+ I couldn’t afford.  My God is awesome!

As I’m still getting accustomed to Windows 10, I anticipate “everything blog” may be slow for awhile…re my reading and responding to readers.  Apologies in advance 🙂

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


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