Heart-Things List (NaPoWriMo)



From NaPoWriMo host:  Our (optional) prompt for the day…inspired by the work of Sei Shonagon, a Japanese writer who lived more than 1000 years ago. She wrote a journal that came to be known as The Pillow Book. In it she recorded…lists with titles like “Things That Have Lost Their Power,” “Adorable Things”…  Challenge: write your own Sei Shonagon-style list of “things.” What things? Well, that’s for you to decide!

In heart’s treasure chest

Many things, intangible…

Even if I showed you, said

In words, you mightn’t see

Be able to hold them:

Precious prism rainbows

Transient spring through fall

That paint from west windowsill

Ceiling, floor and wall…

Pictures framed by memories

Movies played on mind’s silver

Screen, few I’ve cherished, kept…

Rare laughter shared with others

Captured, freed, like butterflies…

Distant love, a hologram of 

Moments in kaleidoscope…

Books I mean to write someday

If ‘somedays’ don’t run out…

Wishes which still linger, their

‘Come-true’ tinged with sepia doubt

Unlike my faith in God, unbreakable

Tall flame no gale wind can blow out…

Prayers awaiting answers, destiny’s

Mirror marked by fingerprints

Mine and those of others…

Tomorrows and dreams I don’t

Believe in, but that I’m told

Believe for me.

If today all home’s possessions were

Stolen, I would little weep…thieves won’t

Find the treasure chest heart keeps.

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

Image: Pixabay.com

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