Cantankerous Crazies

FOWC with Fandango — Cantankerous

This post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek…NO disrespect is meant to people with mental illness.  Since I’m a “crazy”, I write of times when my mood/thought disorder is disabling, and days when I have to laugh about it.  My long-time neighbor once said, “but you have a good heart”…I’m grateful he could speak gracious truth 🙂

Countless consider me


There’s another side…but


Best to allow wide berth…

Crazy people are unpredictable, yes…we’re often good-hearted, too 🙂

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


The Pi-Archimedes verse is:
○ a hexastich, a poem in 6 lines.
○ measured by the number of words in each line 3-1-4-1-5-9 to match the numerical sequence of the first six digits of Pi.
○ unrhymed.

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