Bargains Cure the Blues

Today’s prompt: Portugal, scissors, egg

Husband’s enjoying his one-egg breakfast

As, scissors in hand, I clip coupons…

“Would you like to go to Portugal?” he asks.

I frown at absurd idea, “Why?”

“You’ve had the blues…said you want to

 Go ‘far away’…Portugal’s far, and full of

Culture”, he says, with bland sweetness.

“I’d rather go to the grocery store…this

Pile of coupons will reap a bonanza

Of savings, hon—drink your coffee

And let’s vamoose.”

“That’s why I married you—your

Passion for bargains, inexpensive thrills.”

“So, I’m a perfect wife?”

“Well…I would appreciate you letting me finish

The paper before you cut it up.”

“Sorry…with the money saved, I’ll get you

Another one—come on, before the

Artichokes are gone!”

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


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