Late Again (Six Sentence Story)

Prompt:  POINT

I make a point each week, sincere, to my six sentences do.

Mystery to me, how time gets by these seemingly watchful eyes.

Perhaps it’s multitude of prompts come flying, ravenous beaks, ever on wing.

Slept day away, sleep’s dire need…so, scrambled to post vital A to Z and NaPoWriMo…

Then laundry called…necessary task, to wash one’s underthings.

Now it’s nearly midnight again, hands of time quite pointedly point…I may be late for link-up, shucks!

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.


17 thoughts on “Late Again (Six Sentence Story)

  1. Better late than never, and this was worth the wait.
    I try to start my six “thinking” as soon as I see the prompt.
    Some weeks it comes early, some weeks, not so much, and there has been a time or two not at all. Glad you made it.


  2. Having clean underpants really should be a priority before writing, I suppose, but when you have to write, you have to write! Nice story!


  3. Time does seem to slip away especially when that bit of inspiration seems to be hidden in the recesses of our minds. Glad to see you made it. Good SSS. Sentence #5 made me laugh.


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