Darkest of Days

O darkest of days…

Followers trembled with fear

Grief, uncertainty

Jesus told them what must come

Yet it was too horrible

They waited, wondered

Comforted one another

Hearts’ long darkest day

©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.






Images: Pixabay.com

2 thoughts on “Darkest of Days

  1. This reminds me of Mary Magdalene and her sobbing and weeping when she could not find his body. What joy must have filled her soul when she realized that He was not the gardener, but her Savior, risen and alive. I want to be faithful like her, seeking Him each day, and when finding Him in the Scriptures or in your poetry, I will cling to Him, for He has risen to His Father and our Father, to His God and our God. Just lovely words, Ennie.


    • I share your sentiments, dear Sister–I can relate to the wrenching grief those who had followed Him and loved Him so must have felt at the cross and the following day, because their understanding was so limited, their faith weak… But then on Sunday, their resurrected Lord returned to them, oh what JOY and gratitude–tears of gladness now, not grief. I just came from online church (Gateway Church, Southlake, TX)–Pastor Robert Morris always delivers such a wonderful message, sharing the report made by doctors as to what happened to Christ physically–from the scourging to His death by crucifixion; the report was published in the Journal of American Medical Association (Mar 1986, I think) and is available for everyone to read. Anyway, I’m rambling–so emotional during this time of year. I pray you receive every blessing from HIM, as we ponder the days from Darkness to Radiant Light. MUCH LOVE TO YOU, Ennle ❤

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