Once upon a time…

No, too romantic, and

Prelude to a too-long tale…

I strive for unsuccessful

Brevity, this introduction:

I’m a dinosaur—ancient and aging

Lingering in length of years far

Longer than I’d planned, desired—

And in bad humor, having been thrust

Into the rudely hypocritical illusion

Of a modern era, rife with abominable

Evidence of poor taste, and technology

Which bestirs in me a temper, setting

These rotting teeth on edge…scary

Appearance of minimal benefit.

I lumber with annoying slowness

Heavy adipose folds of sagging skin

Almost swaying ‘mid ponderous gait.

I frown (a superior shield): vision veiled

With cataracts, my hearing a nearly

Humorous conversational mix-up, and

Because every worn-out part of me

Complains from pain, injuries.

Thoughts are constant sensate storm

Of unfair weather: bitter-bleak brown clouds

Whirring, whirling repetitive scenes…rampant

Injustice-tangled tumbleweeds of scraping

Barbed memories…stinging wounds un-soothed

Unhealed by torrential brackish rain pummeling

Briefest passing peace-edged periods.

Dinosaur, yes—dragged into each

Dust-crusted day, with deepening scaly dread.

Β©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

Image: Pixabay.com