Gotta Whine….Update for Followers

I was thinking, “gotta rant”…which led my brain to sing the old song, “Gotta Dance”…but never mind…  I’m tired and cranky—Why?  Well, I’m gonna tell ya:

Just had a rather unproductive “chat” with WP Support re the issue I’m having with the Reader not loading ALL the posts which should be appearing.  

I tried explaining what I see as “shadows” of posts which should continue loading clear and visibly (like the preceding ones which are cooperating); but they didn’t get it, wanted a screen shot…which I couldn’t do…

Support “chat person” reported that Reader loads fine for them.  Great, wonderful!  Still not working for me!  I tell them my browser is Microsoft Edge—the default in Lenovo Windows 10 laptop (“ideapad 330”). 

This is a brand new laptop for me; I was overjoyed to get it up and running…expecting sunny skies ahead for my blogging career.  Not entirely so, as this Reader problem personifies storm clouds.

Support tells me to try another browser.  I go to Internet Explorer, which I only use for making those cool Tagxedo word clouds.  Explorer is slow, and teeny-tiny-everything.  The laptop’s Microsoft Edge is set up to display LARGER, for my vision issues (and relative sanity).

Anyhoo, the Reader doesn’t load any better at Internet Explorer—same issue.  I briefly considered installing Mozilla Firefox…which used to be my go-to browser…but I was, by then, feeling fragile…with a huge headache.  Didn’t want to tempt Fate…

So, here’s the plan:  I will no longer be using WP Reader.  I will instead, as I did earlier today, use my blogroll—and visit everyone’s blog daily (unless something prevents) to read your current posts, and like/comment.

I’m willing to make adjustments, as life demands. (Smile pasted on clenched jaw.)

Now, the caveat:  if somehow I miss your posts (and you observe that it’s not just a temporary situation), I invite you to swing over here and let me know in the Comment box… I will strive to attend to business in my typically conscientious way.  Sound good?

I’m now going to take a pill, have dinner, and chill.

You, my readers, are all so wonderful, bringing assorted (like chocolates) blessings to my life.  I will not give in to temptation of jumping off balcony with laptop…I will soldier on with courage and good cheer.


Impatient for Justice

Justice—the mere word

Clenches my jaw, chokes

Me, lest bitter-pricked tears

Turn to racking sobs…

It is stones in my mouth

Sharp-edged, sour-tasting

Vomited from heart.

Everyday I stand, hunched

Over on old painful joints

Watching for arrival of justice…

After all, God’s Word promises

He will do, send it in His time.

I remind Him often, nag, in

In case He’s forgotten how

Important justice is to many…

Crucial need not mine alone.

Those in positions of authority—

Also plagued by demands, pleas

Cries for justice—pledge to get

It for “the people”…victims of

All ages, color and creed, who

Suffer dearth of justice.

My impatience is shared…we

Weary who crave sweet taste

Justice, to fill holes in tattered

Souls, want no more crumbs

Assurances that we are heard.

We have waited…and long for


©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

Language to Appease, Spare Me

How ears despise double-talk of

Language which seeks to appease

Refusing to address significant

Issues, bring genuine resolution.

So tedious the irrelevant excuses

Pitiable pleas for forbearance

Hypocrisy ladled like unpalatable gravy.

The smiling deceit wears away patient

Goodwill, strength of character, and

Willingness to continue in relationship.




©Ennle Madresan, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.